Friday, December 24, 2010


It has been an extraordinary week! Last Friday, 17th December I had to postpone the transfer to my car of a consignment of lamb direct from a Snowdonia farm. Saturday was bad and so was Sunday. I began to wonder how the meat would ever get through. The main problem was that I could not move my car out of the drive which slopes towards the house. Eventually, with help from a number of people we made arrangements for the farmer to bring the meat over to Holyhead where the bulk of customers live. So, on Monday 20th December, my friend, David and I went over in his car to Holyhead to make sure all arrangements when smoothly. Amazingly, we drove almost to the Britannia Bridge to pick up the A55 and dive to Holyhead. In case you do not know our island this was a circular tour! By 11.00am the farmer had found his way to the church and the lamb was offloaded. David and I then returned to Penysarn with the remaining lamb for local friends.
During this period it had been decided to cancel the morning service at Amlwch Methodist Church as well as the evening Candle lit Carol Service. Our planned service intended to be held yesterday for the residents at Bryn y Mor Residential Home also was cancelled. The next casualty was the Christmas Eve Midnight Communion Service. As the snow had ceased falling we wanted to continue with the Christmas Day and Boxing day services. By this time we realised that the icy state of the road and the steps at the church meant high risks were being taken so these services have now cancelled.
The Carol Service is now re-scheduled for 2nd January but I cannot take part as I am hopefully leading worship at Holyhead Methodist Church. I have never known such a period for cancelling events at church. It is a remarkable end to a pretty awful year. May 2011 be better and more fruitful!


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