Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow on the island

It was my birthday on Saturday, 18th December. I was due to get a consignment of lamb from a farmer over past Betws y Coed. It was Monday before we could get the lamb. The farmer came over to Holyhead where the majority of customers live and I was driven over there by a friend. We drove almost to the Britannia Bridge and then back along the A55 dual carriageway. Amazingly we took only 15 extra minutes to get there. Eventually we offloaded the lamb, paid the farmer and set off back with the lamb for people living near me. We made it safely home with all customers satisfied.
It is quite rare for Anglesey to see so much snow. It is over 20 years ago since the last time it was so heavy. We are used to telling others who are suffering snow how well we are doing here. Even now, as I write this, the snow is falling lightly! This morning our neighbours were going to the Co-op supermarket in Amlwch in their 4 wheel drive so we hitched a lift to buy final essentials. The only thing we forgot was washing up liquid! When it runs out we shall use the dish washer a little more!
Our neighbours are Bob and Stella who were planning to drive tomorrow to their old home city of Bristol to stay with family at Christmas. They have had to cancel the visit so they are coming next door for Christmas this year! So instead of two there will be four on Christmas Day - GREAT!!! The photo above shows our car covered in snow and unable to travel.
There are many people who live in hilly places in the island and they are stuck until the thaw where they don't own 4 wheel drive cars. But they will have neighbours helping them out and that is the sort of spirit we need in this life. I just wish I could get the car out and take photos of the many snow scenes which abound. Not to worry, we have a good talking point that makes a change from politics and cuts!


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