Sunday, May 03, 2009

Long Range Weather Forecast

Recently I was told that a long range forecast had been published that said we can expect a long warm and dry summer. That has got to be good news, and heaven knows we need some in these troubled times. As I have said in an earlier blog, one of the features of the Isle of Anglesey is the huge number of gorse bushes everywhere. The gorse was what I remembered most about my first visit in the 1960s. But, according to some local people it is also a guide to the coming weather in the summer. There are two growths of gorse flowers. The first is in late winter to early spring. Then in mid April comes a second growth to supplement the first. This year the second growth is amazing. The gorse looks more plentiful as each bush has lots more flowers growing. I am also told that this is the sign the locals look for to look forward to a good summer.
As I write is is May Bank Holiday and many visitors have come to Anglesey for a short break. They find it in full bloom with gorse and love it. Apart from it being a beautiful place to visit, our visitors can choose from no less than seventeen beaches. Because we are an island we have more coastline to enjoy. We do have a certain reputation for being a windy place. But never despair because if the wind is blowing from the south west (the prevailing wind) you can go on a beach on our north east coast and not be blown to pieces. Whichever coast is receiving the wind we simply go to the opposite coast to enjoy it.
Should the recession cause many to stay at home this year I can recommend Anglesey as a place with everything for everybody. When I say this I exclude entertainment such as one finds in a resort like Blackpool. But for one who loves the simple life of sand and sea we have it in abundance. We have a complete coastal path running round the island and many can be seen walking it. If you like seeing ships you will find quite a number drop anchor off Anglesey's north east lea shore as they await the pilot for the final run into Liverpool port.
From Monday to Friday (9-5) you can even watch lots of pilots training to fly fast jets from RAF Valley. If you fancy a flight to Cardiff and back you can fly from Anglesey Airport (also known as RAF Valley). There are 2 flights each way - one early morning and the other late afternoon when the flight training is quieter.
If you should get stir crazy you can leave the island for either a visit to Snowdonia which is on our doorstep or a visit to Llandudno for shopaholics. we have it all here on the island but for the odd thing you miss about home it can be find not far away. What could be better? If you are a camping enthusiast we have lots of caravan and camping sites to choose from. So with a good summer in prospect come over to Anglesey but be sure to keep to the speed limit. The operators of the Arrive Alive vans are ever vigilant and love nothing better than to catch the unwary motorist doing 35mph in a built up area.


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