Saturday, July 19, 2008

Toadstools on Holyhead Mountain

For almost a week recently we had our Grandson, Josh, staying with us. Other than when he is fixed to the chair before this PC he likes going out with me exploring Anglesey. We had a quiet morning standing at "Fraggle Rock" as it is known to trainee pilots and their tutors at RAF Valley. Last year in August we bought Josh a pair of binnoculars for his 16th birthday and they really came into use on this holiday with us.
Initially he used them last Sunday when he visited Portmeirion with us. It was a particularly good day for visibility because the Isle of Man was not only visible from our village but it looked as though it had been lifted up and re-sited closer to Anglesey. At Portmeirion he used then to look across the bay and he was very impressed.

On the day in question he was using his binnoculars to see the pilots in their Hawk jets as they prepared for take off. Not many aircraft took off but it was enough for Josh. He thought the view through them was terrific and expressed these sentiments. As it was rather quiet we drove over to South Stack where I parked opposite the stile that led to the Holyhead Mountain Hut Circles. I had visited the site on a number of occasions before and talked about the use of the various buildings whose foundations were evident in the ferns growing on the mountain.

The round ones I considerd dwellings and explained the method of roofing them and also how fires were lit at the centre with the smoke from them finding whatver way it could through the roof. The square and other rectangular buildings I suggested were animal shelters and grain stores. It was easy to imagine the construction of a floor above the cold earth where the grain from the settlements was dried and stored.

But when I walked over to two constructions of round buildings I had a shock. I came across 3 separate toadstools of gigantic proportions. The largest of these is shown in the picture with this blog. The top of the toadstool measured 12 inches across and the plant was just amazing. I had never seen such a sizeable fungus like this before!

Take a long look at my photo and let me know if you can identify the fungus by name.


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