Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Anglesey's Weather

My beloved island has a reputation for windy weather but recently there has been less wind and more rain. Having said this I have to point out that, judging by the news from elsewhere we appear to be experiencing better weather than other people. When April produced such warm weather it put everyone in good heart for the coming summer. But we keep asking, "What summer?"

It was during April that we sat out in the garden and enjoyed a few barbecues together. Whilst this warmth was happening we had the bad news that my dear mother in law was dying. This meant three journeys to South Devon over four weeks. By the time we had to return after her funeral we drove through atrocious weather. On arrival home in Anglesey we found better weather but whilst driving on the M5 in Devon the rain was incredibly heavy. Despite this we were overtaken by many fools who thought they were invincible!

But I have managed to keep the lawns reasonable in the sunny periods between showers. Also I have done two bits of concreting outside the bungalow. So it has not been constant rain during this period. In an earlier blog I mentioned the changeable weather whilst we were cruising the Menai Strait on the MV Balmoral. Although we had some rain, for the most part it was dry but overcast. Towards the end of June we had the Macmillan bra stunt across the Menai Bridge and the weather held off until we were removing 2,000 bras which had stretched across the bridge and back.

Therefore, although we feel like most people that there will be no sunny summer this year, we have done well so far. Because the island projects out into the Irish Sea we seem to benefit from the best of whatever weather is around. But once on the mainland or the mainland side of Anglesey the effect of Snowdonia takes hold and the rain falls quite a lot. They say it always rains in Bangor!


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