Friday, June 01, 2007

Anglesey Seafood

Many years ago we came on a holiday to Anglesey with our friends, Alan & Ann and their daughter, Mandy. We had been the previous year and really enjoyed it. Our headquarters had been a four bedroomed bungalow in Lanfaethlu. The owners were a small family and the father was, like me, a local government officer. A couple of miles or so from Llanfaethlu was Porth Swtan where there is a seafood companhy. Inside there are several concrete ponds with lobsters and crabs being fed until they are ready for sale. We went there with Alan & Ann to ask if we could buy a coup[le of crabs which Ann would dress and put on the table for dinner. We bought the two crabs which we collected later. They were excellent and acted as the centre of a great meal.

Now we have been here in Anglesey for over two and a half years. We are now residents. the other day a friend of ours whose husband takes out a boat to fish for lobster, crab and scallops, offered us the chance of some seafood from her freezer. We went round to her house and bought two lobsters and a crab at a silly price. Tonight we ate the larger of the lobsters and Pauline declared it the best meal she had ever had. We finished off with pears in red wine and the meal was a total success.

To come to a seaside place and be able to eat seaside fare is absolutely wonderful. We have not yet been here for three years and now we have found someone who can supply such quality food it is wonderful. As we were eating lobster with salad we decided we would drink the bottle of Pouilly-Fume we had in our wine rack. It blended well with the lobster. It just goes to show that being members of the Sunday Times Wine Club has its benefits.


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