Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas in the Copper Miners' Chapel

I am proud to be a member of the Amlwch English Methodist Church. Its roots go back to the 19th century when it was founded by none other than James Treweek, the manager of the Mona Copper Mine on Parys Mountain above my village of Penysarn. Our church is one at which there is a guaranteed warm welcome and this is never warmer than the one visitors will have tomorrow when we have our Candlelit Carol Service at 6.00pm.
During the afternoon special candle holders will be attached to the ends of the pews. Essentially these are square poles with a square board at the top on which four candles can be placed. Each pew end will have one. The window sills will contain candleabra from the homes of members. During this evening there will be no electric lights illuminated. Candles will be the only source of light. In our little chapel the atmosphere will be warm and very much of Christmas as we sing our carols to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
There will be readings and sketches with Christmas themes. The sketch in which I take part is called "Three Wise Guys" and is about three people rehearsing their parts as the three wise men. The part of the director will be played by a retired librarian, Ellen Jones, Melchior by myself, Bathazar by Rev David Jones, a retired Methodist minister living in my village of Penysarn, and Caspar by the minister, Deacon Stephen Roe. It should prove to be good, knowing the people involved. We shall raise a laugh!
We have already held an Advent Gathering which was a mid week service organised by myself along the lines of previous such services at my previous church in Shaw, Lancashire. Next week sees our Christingle Service which involves the Amlwch Brownies. Then on Christmas Eve, Revb David Jones will lead our Late Night Communion Service. Christmas Day service will be conducted by Deacon Stephen Roe.
Our tiny chapel will be alive for the next days, as Christmas approaches. It is a time not to be missed by those who love to worship God on the occasion that his son, Jesus of Nazareth came to earth. Pauline and I will be off to celebrate Christmas in another fashion on 21st December when we attend the Bangor Cathedral Service of Nine Lessons and Carols. That too is a great occasion.
At some point on Christmas Day we shall go for a walk by the sea and give thanks that we were able to realise our dream to come and live in Anglesey. We feel we are two very lucky people.


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