Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hidden Britain

Anglesey is the sort of place that gets a label for very little going on. Whilst this is untrue it is quite a task to bring before the prospective visitor what is happening in Anglesey. This because there is a hidden side to the island which might make a lot of difference.
In a rural area like Anglesey there is always a lot 0f folklore which could entice more visitors to the island. The problem is that it is often not known well enough to attract people. It is this hiden folklore which could draw more visitors of the discerning sort to Anglesey. The trick is how do you get them here? The emerging answer is called "Hidden Britain".
I have discovered a group called Hidden Britain who are people keen to draw to the attention of the British public the hidden side of our culture and folklore which could interest our visitors. Hidden Britain is a project being developed in the Arthur Rank Centre to promote the rural areas of the United Kingdom in terms that would attract the visiting public. It is a church led idea/project which is supported by local traders and community groups in an effort to improve the local economy.
If you believe you can help or if you are a trader who thinks his/her trade can be effective please let me know. As a group we are presently based in Amlwch but this is not written in stone. We can spread over a greater area to encompass a group of specialist traders who, together, as part of a group of supporters of the local economy, can make an economic difference to Anglesey.
If you feel that your knowledge of local folklore and trade can help, please feel free to contact me and add your name to the list of interested parties.
Please contact me as follows: Keith Alexander, Tel: 07866 083447, 01407 831622 or email:


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