Saturday, August 26, 2006

Beautiful Island

Recently we have had two of our grandchildren staying with us. Sadly, the weather was not as hot as it was in July. However, we tried to make the best of it. But trying to find things which would occupy them was quite stressful. Eventually it was Thursday 24th August when we drove them back to Rochdale, near Manchester.

We drove back to Anglesey, stopping at a pub near Manchester Airport for a lunchtime sandwich washed down by a glass of wine. The weather was fine and it continued fine all the way back to our lovely island. Driving back home along the A5025 we saw the beauty of the island and felt welcomed back.

It was our plan to have a meal out that evening as we would be too tired after a 250 miles round trip to cook an evening meal. We decided to take pot luck and see if we could get a table at the Quarterdeck, a restaurant in Red Wharfe Bay. We set off through the greenery of Anglesey and then turned down the narrow lane to the waterside at Red Wharfe Bay (Traeth Coch in Welsh). The tide was out and one could see acres of sand exposed at the moment. It looked at its best. But there were many, many cars parked there which made us think there would be no table for us.

Luckily there was and we waited in the bar to be called to our table after choosing what we would eat and drink. The wait was quite long but it was worth it. Our starters came and they looked delicious. Pauline had scallops, the biggest we had ever seen. My choice was figs, wrapped in bacon with a sauce and a salad. They both tasted wonderful. The main course for Pauline was a cod and crab risotto and I had monkfish. In each case the taste was exquisite and we had the best meal ever experienced. We both chose vanilla panacotta for sweet and we loved it. It was the best meal we had ever eaten. The weather had been good, the island lovely, and the food just perfect. It had been a wonderful day.

The photo above is a scene of Llaneilian, showing all the variety of nature we see there. There are many lovely house and bungalows to complete the scenery. It is a wonderful place. The other weekend we were in Cemaes Bay and I was talking to Dafydd Williams, the harbour master. He remembered me from the many holidays we had taken in Anglesey. I told him we now lived on the island and he asked where. When I told him he commented on the lovely views in our area. He was right. It is a privilege to live in Anglesey. Posted by Picasa


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