Sunday, July 23, 2006

Amlwch Viking Festival 2

As I promised my readers, we went into Amlwch again in the evening to see the culmination of the day's festival activities. The Vikings had left Madyn Field at 6.00pm and marched through the town to the Port with the Viking Longship on a trailer. The ship was to be burnt on the side of the Port later that night when darkness had fallen.

We drove into Amlwch, parked up and got into the Port area for 10.00pm. There we met so many people we knew and stopped for a chat we actually missed seeing the boat start to burn. Once the boat was well on its way to oblivion the fireworks began. The first two fireworks were more like flares and did not impress. Then a few went up that resembled fish swimming in the sky.

Those that followed, like that in the picture above were more impressive and we were entertained to a good show and fitting ending to a great day. The cost to go onto the field in the afternoon was £4.00 each. It included the port area in the evening so it was good value for money. Value for money is something we can rely on in Anglesey. The event was so well organised that no police were seen patrolling the show field and in the evening they were to be found outside the two pubs by the port but not in the harbour itself. In the showfield there were council staff picking up litter as events took place. Where would you see that elsewhere?

Well done to the organisers! It was an event to be proud of. Posted by Picasa


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