Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mynydd Bodafon in the Snow

My readers will recall that it was my intention on St David's Day (1st March) to take some pictures near Mynydd Bodafon(Bodafon Mountain) on the island. Well here is a picture of the lake close to Bodafon Mountain, a favourite beauty spot of mine. The lake surface is partially frozen but is a beautiful mirror of the sky.

There are all sorts of birds visiting this place all year round. Last summer I saw a cormorant there and often see coots and moorhens together with two families of mallards. I love this place because our first family holiday in Anglesey was in a farmhouse part way up Bodafon Mountain. At the end of the track there is still a bent sign saying "Clegir Farm." My wife, Pauline was frightened when I pulled over and parked the car in the snow which was six inches deep. As it was on the level there was no problem really. After all, I had to stop the car and get out to take my photos!

Earlier in the day there would have been more snow in evidence but then would not have been a good time to try and climb the hill as snow was still falling. The supermarket rang this morning to say their vans were off the road because of the snow and would not be able to deliver. We therefore went to our local smaller supermarket and shopped there without fuss. For two days we have been waiting for a coal delivery as our supply is getting low. The man did try to make it but began skidding in his truck and turned back. I should explain that the coal is for our multi fuel stove and that we do have oil central heating. We shall not get too cold - don't worry.

Many of the island's schools closed for the day because of the snow. There are fleets of buses which go round collecting students from all over the countryside and these were unable to complete their task. Not only that but the market at Llangefni did not happen and the library there close half way through the day. You can tell that Anglesey is not used to snow and does not know how to organise when it falls. Where we used to live in Rochdale and Oldham area life would carry on as normal. The only change would happen if really heavy snow were to fall and prevent workers and students getting home at day's end. Then the order would go out to close down early.

After saying all this, we discovered that the south side of the island had seen no snow at all this week. You could driver along the A55 and see green fields, not white. But the new beauty created by the snow was worth recording on my camera. There will not be many chances to repeat the experience over the years.
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