Friday, December 29, 2006

A Change in the Weather

Yesterday we took a break from having Tesco deliver our groceries and went into Banfor on the mainland to buy them. Pauliine has been entranced lately with the methods and ideas of Nigella Lawson so she wanted to buy specific items for cooking. To be honest I also like Nigella because she has such a fullsome personality in the way she discusses her approach to cooking food. As we are both into food and drink we watch a lot of cooking programmes on TV.
However, we decided to return home a longer and perhaps prettier way. We drove down the A55 towards Holyhead and then turned off into Valley, turning left for Trearddur Bay. One of the attractions there is that we can park up, facing the sea, and then get an ice cream from the van that is always parked there. With both of us suffering from chest infections we needed something smooth and cold to lubricate our throats.
Now for the bad news. There was no ice cream van there! Anyway, we sat and watched two women handling a jet ski in a very professional manner. They accelerated to speeds that were impressive in the choppy water. It was quite breezy. Next we saw two men set off in what looked like a cross between a jet ski and inflatable dinghy. It turned out to be a four seater jet ski. It was not as manoeverable as a standard jet ski but it could really travel. I eventually got out of the car for a couple of minutes and was subjected to a very noisy time by a Jackdaw who was loudly demanding that I feed him or her. By jove, he wasn't half agressive as he demanded food with was not forthcoming. He just stood at my feet and went on demanding at the top of his voice. Now that was a new experience for me!
Next we drove along the coastal lane, stopping at the small coves to watch the waves hitting the rocks and firing sea water upwards. Our next destination was to be the car park just above the South Stack lighthouse. It really is a lovely picture as you look over the wall and look down at the lighthouse sitting on its separate rocky islet. There are about 400 steps down the cliff to the minute suspension bridge that links Holy Island with the lighthouse. Of course, all lighthouses are now automatic so there are no keepers resident there.
As we looked out over the Irish Sea there was a very slight mist as you tried to find the horizon. At this point the wind was stronger and some seabirds in the distance were flying above the waves with only an occasional flap of the wings, the wind being so strong. The strong breeze was blowing from the south west. This is Anglesey's prevailing wind, the south westerly. It is still blowing today. As I rose today I went straight to my PC to see what the weather forecast was for today. It had recorded 48 mph winds at RAF Valley a little earlier. the next three days are forecast to be windy too. The rain was heavy and beating on the study window.
Eventually, we set off down to Amlwch, about two miles away for our eggs and meat and Pauline's prescription from the pharmacist. Having got what was needed we drove over to Point Lynas near the pilot jetty to see what the sea and weather were like. From up there you could see high winds driving the rain northwards from the land. But the sea was just about calm. It is like this for about five miles out into Liverpool Bay which makes it a good place for ships top wait before entering Liverpool on the appropiate tide. They may get the gale but not the rough seaa that you would associate with a gale at sea. Sadly there were no ships to stare at today.
Yesterday we were able to see the island in beautiful sunlight. Today we had a grey sky which offered no highlights in the countryside or across the sea. Mind you, we enjoyed the privilege of being here to see the island as it was. Over the years we have visited Anglesey in all four seasons and have known all its different views and moods. These days we can see any part of it in any weather at will. Now that is a privilege!


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